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Kayla Hill
Kayla Hill
Kayla Hill

Kayla Hill

I have the most Amazing boyfriend in the whole world. I could not live without Christopher Cole Bass. I know we're young, but just wait and see. We're going

How to make a money rose.

Mystical snow forest, Hungary

35 Pictures That Will Change The Way You Look At "Breaking Bad"

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers...

Only 3 things can change a woman's mood

Good tutorial how to transfer an embroidery pattern. Good pictures.

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In Kenya’s Masai tribe, it’s the men not the women who are obsessed with hair grooming! The women shave their heads bald or wear very close-cropped styles. But the men spend hours styling and grooming each other’s elaborate hair dos. In Masai culture, lion symbolism is important, and a man’s long “mane” represents strength, protection, and masculine beauty.

North Kenya by John Kenny

East Africa | Masai Warrior, Kenya. "A proud warrior wears an impressive headdress made from ostrich feathers. Throughout the 19th century, Masai warriors wore headdresses just like this one to strike fear in the hearts of their enemies." | © photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher, writing in the book Faces of Africa

Kenia. Masai Men Painted for an Eunoto Ceremony. « Trattiamo bene la terra su cui viviamo: essa non ci è stata donata dai nostri padri, ma ci è stata prestata dai nostri figli » (Proverbio Masai)

Africa | Congolese Woman pounds manioc (cassava) leaves in preparation of a cooking a meal for the family.

Flavors of Brazil: RECIPE- Manioc Fritters (Bolinho de Aipim)

Marilyn Monroe reading James Joyces Ulysses