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1000 Life Hacks | Whaaaat you dude are kidding me! I have been looking for this my whole life!!!!!!


1000 Life Hacks

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Trick to keep a strapless bra from slipping. This works! I had one on all day yesterday and didn't have to pull it up once!


funny baby » Take Me To Your Latte

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I'm currently doing this. Sent "Beanie" audio of her heart rate, pictures of her sonogram, pics of the gender reveal, and just a few emails in general about how excited we are. Will continue to do so over the years. Can't wait to give her the password one day and let her unlock her time capsule! ❤️


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Life Hacks #059: When Watching a DVD press stop-stop-play-skip to skip the ads and go straight to the move

1000 Life Hacks


Definition of My Dog Personalized Pillow

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This pillow is so cute! I love how you can personalize it with your own dog's name "pronunciation" and "definition" so you can fit it with your dog's personality perfectly! This site has the greatest pet gifts or gifts for pet lovers!

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Going to try this.

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I will definitely use these! Especially the one where you lick your wrist to see what your breath smells like. Lol!!

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Considering the cold snap that so much of our country is dealing with right now, wouldn't this be a perfect Science experiment?? Of course, if you live in NY, you could get frostbite. :)

1000 Life Hacks

smart! and I love the illustrations
from Her Campus

13 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

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smart! and I love the illustrations

13 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

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