The walking dead lol

I'd watch this commercial in a heartbeat (contains The Walking Dead spoilers!)

Funny pictures about Get rid of cable. Oh, and cool pics about Get rid of cable. Also, Get rid of cable.


He loves to bug the kid. Imagine what he does to his own son! --Not a TWD fan, but I love this GIF. Too funny."not a TWD fan".

i miss walking dead!

Funny pictures about Sunday mornings. Oh, and cool pics about Sunday mornings. Also, Sunday mornings.

The Walking Dead

Evolution of Rick's attitude lol Season Six: A little fucks Season Seven: Many Fucks Half Way Through Season Seven: FUCK YOU (again)

Don't Swipe 8 -

Walking Dead Memes - Dad Jokes And I feel so bad because this was an emotional scene

The Walking Dead funny memes

The Best Memes From Season Two Of "The Walking Dead"

"So, your just gonna stand there" "Yep, I'm waiting waiting for the spaghetti"

The Walking Dead funny meme

The Walking Dead funny meme I know this isn't Everybody Hates Chris but oh well

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