Styrofoam balls, sprayed with glue and then rolled in glitter. Much cheaper than huge ornaments. Why have I never thought of this!?

DIY ornaments: Styrofoam balls covered in glitter. Much less expensive than the big ornaments at the store!

diy trees. So cute, cheap and easy!!

Today is part 2 of my handmade Christmas tree forest! You can read about part 1 here. Like I mentioned in the first post, the cone base of all of these trees are cereal boxes. So there’s no n…

@nextswimwear Lined Up Double Up #Tankini Top + Lined Up Tunnel Side Bikini Bottom

Barre To Beach Double Up Tankini

Christmas Buttercream Fudge {Never Fail} Oh. My. Goodness.

Christmas Buttercream Fudge {Never Fail} It only has 4 ingredients. 1 bag of white chocolate, tub of vanilla frosting, teaspoon butter extract and teaspoon salt. All done in the microwave.

⚜BuffyVS⚜Womens⚜Teen⚜Outfits⚜⚜Tribal⚜Bling⚜Luxury⚜Runway ⚜Heels⚜Jewelry⚜Boho⚜& More⚜ ⚜Perfect Fall outfit! I love the colors in the Tribal sweater cardigan!

Time to move on.... One can only be hurt so many times

The narcissist sociopath chose you because you are brilliant, bright, compassionate and caring. You defeated the monster with your beautiful heart and you became stronger in the process.

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

My life motto. I hear,"you are stronger than i am, I could never do what you are doing." All of the time. But then i say,"what choice do i have?" You would be surprised the things you can make it through when you have no choice but to

Peanut Butter Pie...yummy!

Fancy That Notion: What's Cookin' : Peanut Butter Pie. I'm a sucker for chocolate & peanut butter!

LOVE this color for a baby girl's room. My favorite. Not your typical pink.

Averys 50 Shades of Purple Nursery, a pretty purple room lovingly created for our second daughter Avery Violet :), Nurseries Design! Love the Lavender and White Nursery!