Toradora! - Ryuuji and Taiga.... So cute. A real guy would never think of saying something like that... Forever alone T___T

Toradora : I know most of you are sayin' I've watched this show well this is for the people who have NOT watch this and if you haven't GO WATCH IT NOW !!!!! this anime is one of my fave anime's EVER! (well -_- after black rock shooter) this is a great romance /comedy they do have some great laughable moment in this anime but it is a romance >.< (and its so cute)

(Toradora) ''That's why people hesitate. In front of all the choices, one could lose hope and try to run away, because no excuse could be used. No matter how dangerous the long journey in life was, or how one admits to being dealt the short end of the stick, everything was the result of one's own choices, it was a road chosen by oneself. Even if this path is hard, and there's no chance of changing past choices, one cannot place the blame on other people''.

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