pinky promise!!!!

Pinky Promise showing off the wedding rings - ah, I'm in love with this photo idea. When Joey and I pinky promise we kiss our pinkies together. might make a cute picture!

Different take on the garter picture

Another pinner said: Groom's nightstand picture. Now that's so much better than a boudoir shot, its actually able to be displayed. Another Pinner said: I agree. this is a great idea but in your wedding shoes or some sexy stilettos instead of barefoot

how cute is this?

newborn picture newborn pictures in daddy's baseball glove or mommy's. by lois Newborn pictures baseball Great photo idea!

Must have photos!

UPSIDE DOWN KISS. A new way to capture a romantic kiss with this unique angle. Very sweet, very romantic wedding photo.

The veil is awesome. #wedding #dress #veil

I love the veil. I like the way it frames the dress. great photography and great wedding dress/veil

so amazing.

at first i thought this was rain, but now i think it's snow. it's like rain on your wedding day! if it rains on our wedding day, we're so doing this. great pic = consolation prize for rain.

love this family praying picture

When it comes to prayer, 'you don't have to talk fancy'

Family Time Prayer Families that pray together, stay together. Prayer actually helps bond the family. It is hard for family members to stay upset with each other while going before God and praying for God to help each other.

Baby in cute!

Pumpkin Baby

fall baby picture ideas Flynn Flynn Flynn Flynn Flynn Pellett for Zoe, the lil pumpkin?


Equestrian Bridal Shoot by KT Merry Photography

it makes sense for me to take a picture with my horse on my wedding day. After all, horses were my first love :) minus the big flower