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This is funny because Andrew Garfield went to Comic Con disguised as a cosplayer in a really crappy Spider-Man costume

Shawn Spencer's one-liners rock.

psych Henry and Shawn have an awesome Father/Son relationship :) this is kinda like my mom and I lol<<while they are really amusing to watch, I'm not sure they have the best relationship.

Marvel Cinematic, Jeremy Renner, Hawkeye, Bucky, Loki, Captain America, Avengers, Superheroes, Jazz

i think that must be the bread Aladdin stole "all this for a loaf of bread" "no its for a love of bread"

okay, but more importantly, it is the Bread Co logo NOT PANERA! It was bread co first and then panera! It will always be bread co in my mind >> lol "Hail Hydra"