we all need to practice good posture

Belly Pooch - May Be Due To Tight Hip Flexors - Stretches To Improve Posture, Alleviate Back pain, and rid yourself of the dreaded belly bulge!

Total Body #Workout with a Resistance Band. Slash major calories and sculpt from head to toe.

Need to get a resistance band then. Total Body with a Resistance Band. Slash major calories and sculpt from head to toe. Click the image to see the moves in GIF form.

cardio and strength workout

Cardio and Strength Workout: Super Sweaty Tabata Supersets. I LOVE tabata! Recommend this to anyone trying to get fit!

Thin your thighs with these 58 moves!

58 Game-Changing Exercises That’ll Transform Your Thighs

EXERCISES // Thunder Thighs No More: 58 Must-Try Toning Moves .A collection of 60 muscle-sculpting moves to work all areas of the thighs will be more than enough to get you well on your way to those gorgeous gams you’ve been envisioning.

7-minute HIIT workouts

7 Minute HIIT Workout fitness workout exercise diy workout exercise tips workout tutorial exercise tutorial diy workouts diy exercise diy exercises hiit hiit workout food#


15 Days from Flab to Fab Workout Routine

Flab to Fab in 15 Days with MRT (Metabolic Resistance Training). This circuit training works your total body. Recommended 15 reps each exercise for beginners

89 swaps

89 Incredibly Simple Swaps That Could Change Your Life

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE - "Read all 89 swaps-- a very simple way to look at making healthy and positive changes!

Tabata Weight Blast Workouts!

Chances are, if you are into fitness, you have heard of Tabata. It’s growing more and popular as an effective method to burn calories and fat, and increase endurance and explosiveness


First run a mile. then move towards a and finally this! (like i can even run a full mile without walking.) Training Schedule for a Marathon for all you runners out there.