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I need to find this!

List of cute maternity clothing websites. I'll be glad I pinned this one day.

Cute maternity photography idea

Tips on how to look and feel good pregnant. 1. Dont lose yourself. You are beautiful. 2. Stay away from fast food... Good every now and then to get your cravings out of the way. 3. Walk!! Lots and lots and lots of walking. 4. Coco butter for stretch marks from the day you find out you're pregnant! 5. Take cute photos like this to make yourself feel good. 6. Do not and i mean never let your significant other call you fat. Hit him across the head when he does. 7. Drink a lot of water. Who cares if you have to pee all the time.. A gallon a day!! 8. Apple juice. Yes it helps keep your skin look healthy and you feel good. 9. Get your hair done! 10. Do your make up and dress sexy! 11. Have romantic nights with your significant other and end it with a... Bang ;) ! Do all of these and use a lot of aloe lotion all over your body and you will look good and feel amazing!!! And remember.. Just breath :) lol i am so gay.

DIY maternity clothes

How to lose body fat while pregnant... pinning for the future reference

Pregnancy Blog - 28 Weeks Pregnant


How to lose the baby weight quickly... Things to keep in mind for later.

Maternity Pics

Pregnancy & Newborn Photo Ideas

Sooooo want to wear this for halloween this year!!

Healthy Pregnancy Snacks

My little belly! But my big baby :) She is growing so fast

What a neat idea. They projected the ultrasound photo onto the belly.😍

Before and during pregnancy...pretty awesome what our bodies are capable of

Forever 21 maternity wear! Say what?!

For this child I have prayed

Love this look!

Baby Ninja

cutesy stuff


Great shot.