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    Twirl and Taste Recipes

    Twirl and Taste Recipes

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    Twirl and Taste: Tennessee Honey Corn Pudding - they'll scrape the bowl everytime

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    • Barbara Benedict
      Barbara Benedict

      can you half this & how many does it serve

    Twirl and Taste: Miranda Lambert’s Favorite – Her Mom’s Famous Meatloaf. . . served with Blake's favorite sides

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    Twirl and Taste: Crunchers - one of the most popular recipes on Pinterest

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    the secret to the Fried Chicken that Elvis Loved!

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    This recipe for Southern Fried Okra is a real keeper. Once a year, I fry up a batch and it's good to the last little morsel. Even those who don't like okra for the slimy texture if you don't boil it correctly, go balistic over this. Try it sometime, you'll be glad you did.

    Twirl and Taste: Southern Fried Okra - garden fresh and oh so good!

    A recipe to Bless the Hounds and Tally HO Hot Cheese Dip. After the hunt, there's the wonderful brunch that typically follows and this easy to make dip has often been described as the "Best Dip in the World." Could it be the bacon? You don't have to ride to the chase to love this!

    Twirl and Taste: Bless the Hounds and Tally HO Hot Cheese Dip

    American Cheesy CORN Bake - a recipe for deliciousness and the side for practically anything. Not real fancy, but real easy, and real good. Happy Twirls y'all.

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    A good recipe for Chicken and Dumplins` is hard to beat. It's the perfect comfort food to nourish your body, soul, and spirit. Enjoy a bowl with those your love. This recipe was shared by a dear friend who is the stylist to the stars in Nashville.

    Twirl and Taste

    Hushpuppies - mine have a little sass of onion, pepper, and corn. There's nothing like them, served with fried catfish and cole slaw. Yesterday we enjoyed this at Hagy's Catfish Hotel on the banks of the Tennessee River at Shiloh.

    Crunchy Hushpuppies with a little sass of onion, pepper, and corn - the perfect side for Fried Catfish

    Cheddar Cabbage Casserole is a recipe you’ll keep in your file. It serves a bunch, kids like it and it's low carb - there's no rice or noodles. People who hate cabbage will ask for seconds!

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    BODACIOUS CHEESY RICE FRITTATA Serve at your next brunch for rave reviews, or when a hungry bunch gathers on a cool fall night. This goes great with a salad and cheese garlic biscuits.

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    Cooler weather calls for this recipe. CORN FRITTERS Drizzled with QUESO BLANCO. They will lick the plate and beg for more!

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    Try this recipe for Cajun Corn Mayonnaise on a Crab Po-Boy. They'll jump ship for the surprise flavor of the sweet corn and tartar sauce will suddenly be oh so boring!

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    Grand Ole Opry Star Minnie Pearl once told me that Chicken Tetrazinni was the perfect recipe for entertaining and served it many times.With her corny home spun humor and her friendly warm chit chat and the funny little price tag always dangling from her hat, Minnie Pearl was a legend, as well as a great cook. She would smile and upon her arrival, you'd hear, "Howdy, I'm just so proud to be here." Her greeting made us all feel good inside, just like this dish.

    Too Stinkin' Cute: Recipes

    This recipe for SUCCULENT Stuffed Peppers is unbelievably delicious. You can cut the peppers with a fork and the stuffing is beyond describable. Even children and those who don't think they like these beautiful vegetables will KISS THE COOK when you serve these.

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    Prize -winning recipe and easy to prepare main dish of Baked Spaghetti. Add a salad and you have a delicious and inexpensive meal that everyone will rave about!

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    Hunting Camp Fried Honeybuns are "BOO BOO delicious" and you owe it to yourself to try them once in life. Long a favorite of the hunting set, many a father has served these to his son - just part of the male bonding I suppose.

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    This recipe is a concoction of bacon, blue cheese, cream chesse, green onions and such and is over the moon served on slices of apples or pears. I think that the Gods must have claimed it for their own, hence the name after the Goddess in Roman mythology, Bona Dea, “the good goddess,” who served as the deity of the earth and of women.

    Bona Dea Dip - A Heavenly Concoction of Bacon, Blue Cheese, Cream Cheese, Green Onions and Such

    SWEET LUCY Pumpkin CHEESECAKE with Caramel Sauce puts the decadence in Halloween. This recipe has a smooth sweet hint of autumn - and the apricot, orange and peach infused bourbon must be brewed with the magic. TRY IT!

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    TENNESSEE BAKED BEANS - a recipe made of all things delicious! A great side for a casual fall supper of hot sandwiches - they're just plain good!

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    • Greg  Patricia Schmidt
      Greg Patricia Schmidt

      I'm baking these delicious baked beans right now! JD Tennessee Honey was my choice for the whiskey. The beans will be served with Pulled Pork sandwiches and Shoofly cupcakes! Happy Labor Day!

    Pot roast cooking in the oven - oh the smell of this comfort food - warms body and soul. The perfect recipe for when friends and family gather... they'll love you even more!

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    The simple blend known as pimento cheese is the epitome of comfort food. It’s hard to imagine that it exist only in the South. A pimento cheese sandwich on white bread (usually crust less) has long been a staple of any table south of the Mason Dixon line., This authentic Southern delicacy has been around since the beginning of the 20th century and every good cook has their own recipe.

    Epitome of Comfort Food - Pimento Cheese

    Tennessee River Barge Soup - just imagine how cold it would be as the winds whipped across the waves and temperatures plunged. I bet this would taste good and I bet they serve it with a wedge of corn bread. Don't you?

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    Championship Ham and Cheese Sliders. Go, fight, win! These put the sizzle in tailgating. Easy to make and a sure hit with everyone.

    Poppy Seed Hawaiian Ham Sandwiches - It's So Very Cheri

    Trail Boss Bake - Hungry cowboys wait for no man. They fill their plates, fill their bellies, and then move on so stragglers can fill their plates . . . Cowboys eat first, talk later and so will you when you're served this favorite.

    Twirl and Taste: Trail Boss Bake - Eat First, Talk Later