Kay Arnold

Kay Arnold

I know Who holds my tomorrows and I love to sing about Him!
Kay Arnold
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If I ain't whistling, I'm singing. - quote by Ella Fitzgerald: "The only thing better than singing is more singing." With picture of old fashioned studio microphone such as this famous musician often used including for gospel music.

The Little Choir Things

I have 3 families then. My real family, church and MCCL.

"Happiness is..singing in a choir." quote via www.LastLemon.com

Some of my most joyous memories are locked up forever in the feelings of joy, pleasure and togetherness - when singing in choirs. Few things compare.

Typical choir members!

Sounds like most church choir rehearsals.Oh, the joys of music ministry!

Singing helps

I now have a legitatmate reason for singing when I really should not be :)