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Zauschneria cana 'Hollywood Flame' California Fuchsia.

Narrowleaf California fuchsia, Zauschneria cana 'Hollywood Flame' in flower. California fuchsia works very well in a container or pot. This narrow leaf form was around western Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks and Santa Monica

Baccharis pilularis pilularis Pigeon Point - Dwarf Coyote Brush

Baccharis Pigeon Point' grows into a one foot tall by twelve foot wide dark-green groundcover. This is the preferred form of Dwarf Coyote Brush for slope stabilization and landscaping in almost all areas.

Baccharis pilularis 'Pigeon Point' Dwarf Coyote Bush

Baccharis ‘Pigeon Point’ is a very nice dwarf Coyote Bush with a low and wide spreading form, but is a male variety, and will not produce seed. ‘Pigeon Point’ is deer resistant, attractive to beneficial insects, and an excellent choice for stabilizing sl

Santa Monica Mountains - Junior Rangers Program (7-12)

Santa Monica Mountains - Junior Rangers Program (7-12)

Home Depot Kids Workshops (5-12)

Back to School Whiteboard Join FREE Home Depot Kids Workshop on Saturday, September . A hands-on workshop and you and your child can get to work on a mini whiteboard with a pen [.

Williams-Sonoma - Junior Chef Classes (5-12)

Today there are more than 230 Williams Sonoma stores across the U. and Canada, each with its own schedule of special events and in-store cooking classes.