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Medieval Russian Clothing

Medieval Russian Clothing and Accoutrements

Medieval Russian Clothing

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Ancient Ukrainian/Russian prince and princess in Kievan Rus / Князь и княгиня в Киевской Руси. Ancient Ukrainian nobles. Kievan Rus / Ukrainian culture, Ukrainian traditions, Ukrainian style, Ukrainian roots, Ukrainian beauty / Исторические костюмы времен Киевской Руси

This royal Kievan couple is dressed for court / Ancient Ukrainian prince and princess in Kievan Rus / украинский князь и княгиня в Киевской Руси. Ancient jewellry and costumes of Ukrainians. Kievan Rus / Ukrainian culture, Ukrainian traditions, Ukrainian style, Ukrainian roots, Ukrainian beauty / Исторические костюмы знати времен Киевской Руси

(looks like Olga & Svyatoslav!)

1. Praying Novgorod. A fragment of the icon of the XV century. 2. Boyar coat. XVI-XVII century. 3. A peasant in a sheepskin coat. XIX century

♦♦♦ Count Felix Sumarokov-Elston in his Boyar dress of the 17th century....husband of Zinaida.....006 by klimbims on deviantART

006 by klimbims on deviantART

Rus shoes. Pretty. -- "Ladoga-fest" (Russland) 2013 (Vikingsnitt)

"Ladoga-fest" (Russland) 2013

Yaroslav I, Grand Prince of Russia, known as Yaroslav the Wise, was the son of Grand Prince Vladimir the Great.His eldest surviving brother, Svyatopolk,killed his other brothers and seized power in Kiev.Yaroslav defeated him and became the Grand Prince of Kiev in 1019. Under Yaroslav the codification of legal customs and princely enactments was begun, and this work served as the basis for a law code called the Russian Truth.During his lengthy reign, Russia reached the zenith of its power.

Drawing of a leather bag from Novgorod measuring 12.5 x 12 cm. Typically leather pouches and bags range from 11 to 13 cm in width and 12 to 20 cm in height (Varfolomeyeva 1997:106, Figure 1.6).

The hat found in Novgorod, it was made in the 14th century from... Pine roots! Looks very much alike boater hats of the 19th-20th centuries

Slavic shoes based on the design found on a discovery from Opole (Poland), c. 11th-12th centuries.

Лебединая песня реконструктора: Русская народная теплая одежда. Книги по народному русскому костюму.

Wolin - 2014 - Radimichi temple rings

Very neat made kaftan based on findings from Birka and Gnezdovo

slav reenactment

Xu Swan's Rus and Viking bead necklace with Rus headwear. Reenactment of Kievyan Rus costume, 10 c.

What a lovely bunch :)

  • Susan Farmer
    Susan Farmer

    and the tent ain't too shabby either! :-)

Costume of a Russian medieval princess. Fashion of the 13th century. Modern replica. #Russia #medieval #history

билибин ярославна

История русского театра. Материалы по искусству
  • Deb Warren
    Deb Warren


A bride and a groom in the old Russian style. #bride #Russian #weddings [ pinning for male costume ]

Russian costume in painting. Sergey N. Efoshkin. Boyars. A Pancake Week. XVI Century. 2002. [ muscovite era costume ]

bogaty strój ruski slavonic princess

Kievan Rus': excellent. Silk letnik, hair properly covered. Man in dome hat, long rubakha overshirt. V. nice.

Red and Gold2

Princess Olga (approx. 890 - 11 July 969) - princess, who ruled Kievan Rus' after death of her husband, Grand Prince of Kiev Igor from 945 to 962 y. was born in the village of Vybuty Pskov region, after the wedding name of Olga mentioned again 40 years later in the Russian-Byzantine treaty of 944 years. 945, Prince Igor killed by Drevlyane after repeated charging with them tribute. Svyatoslav then heir to the throne was only 3 years old, so Olga de facto was ruler of Kievan Rus in 945 .

Simple Do-It-Yourself Viking Cap (And a link to a simple crocheted scarf!)

Viking Hat - Tutorial + Pattern