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Medieval Russian Clothing

Medieval Russian Clothing and Accoutrements

История костюма3 стр.65 | Текстильная промышленность - St. Vladimir's wife and daughters, Sofia Cathedral

Authentic silver temple pendants (kolty) and decorations. The 12th century. They belonged to a noble Russian woman from Moscow. Reconstruction of the wearing style. #medieval #Russian #history

The guards of the Kolomna Kremlin in the town of Kolomna near Moscow, Russia. This large fortress was build in 1525 – 1531. The guards are armed and uniformed as Russian warriors of the 16-th century. #medieval #Russian #history

The fourth exhibition of costumes. Slavs and Vikings IX-XII. Novosibersk Regional Museum

Северный сарафанный комплекс/North Russia sarafan complex of costume

Russian man in medieval dress

Russian costumes of the 16th century. #art #folk #Russian #costume

Recreation of temple rings found in slavic graves on the Polish border. See other pin for photo of original.

Славянский костюм 11 века Slavic outfits/dress

Words of love, by Sergey Solomko (1867-1928), Russian painter of the latest 19th-beginning of the 20th centuries. His paintings were closely connected with Russian fairy tales and symbolism, Art Nouveau

Русские - Санкт-Петеребург, костюмы от Елены Русановой (my Note: Now THAT's a boyar! 16th C Muscovite.)

Russian Novgorod reconstruction garb, with sources

Crowd of 17th C Caftans with some nice heraldic display. Nice colors.

17th C. Caftan w/ button close-up

Рис. 27. Схема сборки русских сапог XVI века 1 – головка; 2 – двучастный полный поднаряд; 3 – подошва; 4 –голенище из двух деталей; 5 – подпяточные подкладки (4 экз.); 6 – железные гвозди с широкими шляпками; 7 – карман задника; 8 – берестяной вкладыш; 9 – кожаные прокладки в карман задника (3 экз.); 10 – задник (задинка); 11 – опорка сапога

Pictorial description of one way to make a simple Viking-style hat. The tutorial is for a modern "Russian" fur-trimmed hat, but could easily be adapted.

IZBORSK, RUSSIA - AUGUST 6: Unidentified men wears medieval clothing at festival "Iron hailstones" on August, 6 2011 in Izborsk, the Pskov a...

Ivan Tsarevich and the Swan - Viktor Vasnetsov