Cool place to chill.

Ever since I read Swiss Family Robinson, as a child, I wanted to live in a tree house. My favorite spot to go was high up in the Dogwood tree that grew beside our old house in Wyckoff, NJ. I still love tree houses and climbing trees.

door knobs

Door knobs are a great way to personalize your entry way to display your own unique sense of style. This weathered, vintage door knob would be a perfect match for a old world style or antique wood door.


Pop up garage. My dream car in my dream garage at my dream house :-)


Need more parking space but don’t have it? This is a problem of the past thanks to Cardok. Cardok is an underground parking solution designed to double you


Paläste fürs Auto: Die 10 coolsten Garagen Deutschlands

Four-Links – the cars of Tintin, beach cars, dream garages, 1962 slot car champ Henry Harnish


Minneapolis, MN Minnesota downtown sunset after a light rain - check out the other Twin City: Saint Paul. This picture was taken from top of the Carlson School of Management's Avenue Parking Ramp' behind the Midwest Mountaineering store.