gorgeous tree trunk

Autumn Twist by Robert Friel What a beautiful display of fall. Leaves of all colors and a neat twist of life in Autumn.

Button Tree

(tree with white buttons) great idea for kid craft.draw/paint the tree, let them do buttons.mod podge over all for cute wall decor!

embroidery patterns

Doodle Tree (Embroidery) Fill these loopy doodles with splashes of color to make up a leafy tree design. Use pattern transfer paper to trace design for hand-stitching.

willow button tree

This painting is titled "Perfect Day." It measures on canvas. I used buttons in replace of leaves. This can be purchased at [link] Button Tree Acrylic Painting

Junipers...the Curliest Trees on Earth

Juniper Tree (Juniperus osteosperma) in Canyonlands National Park in Utah, USA.

button tree

Great use for old buttons. Sort by color Create art. I could even print off some "template" pieces of art, to give the kids an idea of where to start. Wish I had a million buttons


The Blue Croatia! Croatia is a Mediterranean country ideal for holidays . Experience the beauty of Croatia and spend your holidays .


jacaranda The most beautiful flowering tree ever. The streets of my childhood are lined with these elegant trees.and in a gentle wind.purple rain indeed. my grandmas favorite color


Imported Korean hornbeam (Carpinus coreana)It is approximately 60 years old. Fall color is still somewhat of a mystery even to plant scientists. Rainfall, sunlight and temperature all play a part.

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