The Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute will also launch five regional manufacturing centers, each anchored by an academic institution and focused on local technology transfer and workforce development.

Los Angeles Wins 9th U.S. Manufacturing Hub, Focused on Smart Tech
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21 Great American Factory Tours You Can Take Right Now

Learn the top manufacturing industry trends in America affecting American Manufacturers today.

Manufacturing Industry Trends in America: The Final Four of 8

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Deanna Fitzmaurice took these photos highlighting women at work in manufacturing. Read on and click through the gallery to learn more about their stories.

Modern Day Rosies: Portraits of Women in Manufacturing

Manufacturing Industry Overview - Infographic Infographic. Created by small business loan provider Balboa Capital.

Manufacturing Industry Overview - Infographic

The Future of Manufacturing is Distributed – Among Other Things.

The Future of Manufacturing is Distributed

Why U.S. #Manufacturing Is Poised for a Comeback (Maybe) - WSJ


Why U.S. manufacturing is poised for a comeback (maybe).

Top 20 Forklift manufacturers reported in 2014

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(we miss Plymouth, Pontiac, Mercury, Oldsmobile, etc.)Top Car Manufacturing Companies

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The modern factory. GE look ahead

GE Look ahead | The Economist

The modern factory - | GE Look Ahead | The Economist

Manufacturing The Anti-Recession in North Carolina and Beyond.

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Manufacturing Infographic: How does Manufacturing Compare to Other Industries?

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The Accenture 2013 Global Manufacturing Report

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The Future of Factory Automation

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25 Greatest Business Innovations of All Time

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The Future of #Manufacturing [infographic] #manufacturingiscool


3D printing is the future of manufacturing (infographic)

The headquarters building is intended to mimic Bang & Olufsen's products in terms of contrasts between lightness and heaviness, translucency and transparency.

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Additive Manufacturing: Going Mainstream

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Engineering Jobs and Salary Outlook: GlobalSpec Insights

Engineering Jobs and Salary Outlook: GlobalSpec Insights

3 Impacts 3D Printing Will Have on Manufacturing

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Solving the Manufacturing Skills Gap

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Manufacturing’s Role in the U.S. Economy | Automation World

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Study: 3-D printer sales to grow 10 times by 2017 - Puget Sound Business Journal #3Dprinter #additive #manufacturing

Study: 3-D printer sales to grow 10 times by 2017 - Puget Sound Business Journal

Very good for all CIMA EO Students : Introduction to Lean Manufacturing

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Benefits of "Reshoring". When manufacturing jobs move overseas we wondered if total landed costs are considered and if there is now an argument for bringing manufacturing back to the USA. This logistics practice is known commonly as “reshoring.”

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