How can you tell if your lesbian partner is cheating on you? What are the surefire signs that a parter, girlfriend or wife is cheating on you?

7 Ways to Tell if Your Partner is Cheating on You

8 Reasons You're Not Having Sex: You become best friends with your lover

8 Reasons You're Not Having Sex

Her girlfriend left town just before the big blizzard hit and left her all alone to shovel out from under, while she was off hanging out with friends. Does this make her a bad girlfriend? Or is there something that could have happened differently to make her stay?

Why Did Her Girlfriend Leave her Freezing During the Blizzard?

What are some of the worst things that could go wrong on a first date? Have any of these 9 things happened to you on a first date?

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2015 was a stellar year for the LGBT community. From Abby Wambach gaining our attention to Bre-Z joining the cast of Empire. Marriage equality became law of land in the US and the White House turned rainbow for a day. Check out the highs and lows of 2015 for the LGBT community.

The Year in Review A-Z

6 Simple things you can do to beat winter depression. Tips for the LGBT community to stay sane and healthy during the holidays and winter season.

Bash the Winter Blues--Tips for the LGBT Community

The Answers to the Sex and Orgasm Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask

Are there problems in your marriage that could lead to divorce? Below are 10 signs you are in an unhappy marriage and may end up in divorce court.

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8 Facts You Need to Know about Gay Pride: Dykes on Bikes

8 Facts You Need to Know about Gay Pride

Grammy Award Winning Lesbian Couple, Cathy Fink and Marcy Maxer: living and singing together for 35 years.. :-)

Grammy Award Winning Lesbian Couple Sings about Your Family

What to Do When You’re Competing With a Friend for a Job | Levo League | coworkers, personal relationships, job hunt

8 Things Not to do After a Lesbian Break-Up

Don't move in for the wrong reasons

Moving in for the Wrong Reasons

Ten Signs a New Relationships is Going to Work:

Ten Signs a New Relationships is Going to Work

Wendi Kali has created a beautiful coffee table book with images of butch and femme identified lesbians (and a few who defy labels). Peak into the life of this book and some of the images included.

Butches and Femmes Exposed

8 things Every Lesbian Must Do Before She Dies

8 things Every Lesbian Must Do Before She Dies

8 things Every Lesbian Must Do Before She Dies: Come Out!

8 things Every Lesbian Must Do Before She Dies

10 Things Every Lesbian Should Own-- which do you need?

Ten Things Every Lesbian Should Own

"Les femmes de plus en plus nombreuses à avoir une expérience homosexuelle ?" Source :,femmes-relation-homosexuelle-fluidite-sexuelle-echelle-de-kinsey,705898.asp

Bad Kisser and Bad in Bed

Why This Woman Started a Sex Toy Company Just for Lesbians

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Sexy Halloween costumes for lesbian couples.

Lesbian Life: For Better Lesbian Sex, Relationships and Life

Is there any hope of getting back with an ex?

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