A beautiful heart can bring things into your life that all the money in the world couldn't obtain. Words of Wisdom - Inspiring, Inspirational Sayings & Quotes.

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"A beautiful heart can bring things into your life that all the money in the world couldn't obtain." -Dau Voire- you have a beautiful heart!

Soul...not ego.  Strength of Character

There's two things I judge harshly on. The inability for one to admit when they are wrong, and lack of courage to say I'm sorry. That tells me all I need to know. Because we are all wrong at some point. But not all of us are sorry.

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been through more hell then you'll ever know. But, that's what gives her beauty an edge. You can't touch a woman who can wear pain like the grandest of diamonds around her nec - Visit Amy FM


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Short, famous, inspirational bible quotes about strength and love. These Strength Quotes are about perseverance, weakness and how to become stronger.

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face, you are able to say to yourself, I lived through this horror. Eleanor roosevelt Quote

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Positive quotes about strength, and motivational

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Rainbows and stars are like women. They are the sign of survival, the rainbow. They shine in the dark, the stars.

This is so true.  I'm SO glad I've never had to hide behind the facade of money made or things owned.  I've seen people do it, and it is just heart breaking and sad.  Life is about love and family.

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The best things in life are to find true happiness and that it's a matter of quality not quantity.

"Be a strong woman. So your daughter will have a role model and your son will know what to look for in a woman when he's a man"

Kids pick up on the smallest things. Let them see you fail, but them see you come back fighting stronger than ever. Show them how to fight. Show them how to be strong.

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Rising in strength, raising awareness

'it's okay if you're burning with anger or sadness or both it is necessary for you to collapse so you can learn how phoenixes are reborn when they burn and rise again from the ashes of their existence' & burn and rise & poetry at unexpected places pt.

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