The Ultimate Female Packing List. OK. This is just pure genius. She has a list for every country, every season

Ultimate Female Travel Packing Lists... to everywhere

The Ultimate Female Packing List. This is just pure genius. She has a list for every country - summer, winter, every season there is. AWESOME for my dream European backpacking trip!


Pompeii, Italy - Mt Vesuvius in background erupted in like 79 AD and buried the city. It was not discovered until hundreds of years later. Pompeii was one of the most incredible places I've ever been to.

Cinque Terre, Vernazza, Liguria, Italy

The colorful town on a cliff, Cinque Terre, Italy Watched a Rick Steves thing about Cinque Terre once and it looked amazing


Another place I want to visit, the history, the architecture, the art, and the food alone is worth the trip!

paris paris paris

How important is a view of the Eiffel Tower to you when you are staying in Paris? Germaine but for many people, seeing the Eiffel Tower from their room is a must.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe I visit this place quite a bit my Uncle Sam still lives here he's one of the few brothers that are left from my dad's side reminds me so much of dad feel lucky to still have him in my life.

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