FREE Fall Coloring activity! Great for relaxation, relieving anxiety and just plain fun!

apple donuts

Back to School Tips

Send your kids back to school with some cheesy candy grams. Free printable included!

Love This !!!! Definitely doing this for my classroom! I'm Done! Now What Jar for early finishers

The reminder slips are designed for teachers to use during their guided reading sessions with individuals. At the end of the guided reading session or just after the student has read an instructional text, use the appropriate slip by ripping it off and slipping it inside your student's reader.$

These paper cubes are totally cool. You need 12 strips of paper that are equal in size. Glue the corners together.

This is a word sort for students to distinguish between 'compound words' and 'not compound words.'...

Easy to make foldable - perfect for compound words or contractions.

Would be fun to do on valentines day. Maybe with compound words and upper/lowercase letters.

A FUN way to review antonyms and synonyms!

Smiling and Shining in Second Grade: Fluency Passages

Fluency Practice. Tracking Fluency. Hot reads and cold reads. Zoofluency.

MUST SEE Word Work Game, 50+ pages, 3 Skill Levels and ink friendly options. Awesome freebie!

12 FREE Valentine's Day Brain Breaks!

Refocus, recharge, and refresh your students with these free Halloween Brain Breaks!

Great calendar routine to do in the morning with students as well as complete instructions and FREE printables.

Before students go home students can have an opportunity to draw a stick and share their answer with the class. This will give them an idea of what to tell their parents when they ask, "What did you learn at school today." Includes black and white and color.

Change to Spanish and this becomes a great conversation activity

Cookie Thief: A reading Fluency Game

50 pages of sight words FREEBIE

Witzzle game - the student needs to hit the target number using three numbers (one time each) in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and/or division by following PEMDAS. So fun! I am so introducing this to my kids

Frys Third 100 Sight Words: Download this free Fry word list and FREE flashcards for all of Fry’s 1000 Sight Words on Unique Teaching Resources.

AWESOME idea! FREE Daily Five Rotation Wheel for Centers. Just turn to change rotations! All the students will be able to see where they are supposed to be and it makes centers SO easy! ....Follow for "too-neat-not-to-keep" teaching tools, tricks & other fun stuff :)