Every coin has two sides while our life brings both happiness and sadness to us. We don’t know when we will meet the happiness or the sadness. No matter what our life brings us, it can always make us grow and make we feel alive. When we are children, we want to be adults. However,[Read the Rest]

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It might take a Year, it might take a Day, but what's meant to be will always find its Way.

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I managed to come up with my own version of 10 things successful women should do before breakfast in order to become or stay successful. Read More

You have the power to create the ending to your life. Need help with motivation? Join my team! You will get accountability, support, and most importantly make friends :} Let's do this together! teambeachbody.com...

Get out of your FEELINGS and plug into your FAITH. Everything you go through is necessary, even those things that make you wonder WHY? This is an opportunity to make a decision. Will you let it build you or defeat you...

Remember not to blame feelings on others. Your feelings are by definition "what you choose to feel." So next time someone hurts you, let go of their careless words and choose to be HAPPY. Love you all!

Living in pain often requires a lot of patience; with yourself, your family and your health care providers. Remember the importance of a good attitude!

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