Dip yarn in watered down glue, wrap around balloon and pop balloon when dry.
I will make these, not sure where to out them.
Super cute way to use all those wine bottles I drank up!  Merry Christmas!
DIY bracelets
Spray paint a metal trash can and flip over for an instant side table.
charger pocket
DIY: braided necklace. Seems feasible.
The great thing about this braid is that it looks more intricate than it actually is.
How to make nailpolish flowers | If the nailpolish doesn't work on its own you can use a base of glue and than paint the peddals. There are lots of video's on Youtube.
Bucket List, perfect, need to do this, i have a list of 30 on the bucket list!!!
so how do i do this, someone help me!!! Fun Fishtail Braid.