sunflowers and sunset

Sunset field of sunflower, Buenos Aires, Argentina.when we were in Poland there would be fields of sunflowers just like this picture. It's amazing how large they grow!

Moon pretty moon...

Pictures of most beautiful roads. The beauty of road infect matter a lot on our mood. But here are some of the most beautiful roads which can change your mood.

Garden of the Gods - Colorado Springs, CO

Rock Formation Garden of the Gods Photograph - Rock Formation Garden of the Gods Fine Art Print

Saguaro National Park, Tucson, AZ

Saguaro became a National Monument 80 years ago today, later achieving National Park status. Saguaro National Park, located in Arizona, is home to.


Albuquerque with the Sandia Mountains in the background and Rio Grande in the foreground. "Sandia" means watermelon in Spanish, for the color the mountains turn at sunset. Familiar Magic and Crooked Magic take place in Albuquerque.

Phoenix, Arizona

While I was living in Tucson I visited good friends living in Phoenix, Arizona that I knew from Biloxi, Mississippi, and who I became very close with while we were all living in Pruem, Germany.