baby panda bear just beautiful

110 Baby Animals Looking Sad

Baby panda bear (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) The giant panda is universally admired for its appealing markings and seemingly gentle demeanour.

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As a result of farming, deforestation and other development, the panda has been driven out of the lowland areas where it once lived. -AP

"Reflections of black & white ~ sure makes a pretty picture alright!" - not really a panda in water, it's just an effect, like Photoshop

Work with Protected Pandas in Lougantai, Zhouzhi.There are currently only about 1,000 Giant Pandas worldwide, most of them in China. Head to Xi’an, and give researchers there a hand. The volunteer program at the refuge runs in two- or four-week sessions, and offers a chance to work directly with the animals. If you’re lucky, you might even pick up a bit of Chinese.

17 Amazing Trips For Animal Lovers

17 Amazing Trips For Animal Lovers: Work with Protected Pandas in Lougantai, Zhouzhi

So Cute Picture! Baby Pandas Everywhere! :D Oh my Gosh!!

Baby pandas everywhere! :D Oh my gosh I want to be wherever that is. animal pic of the day so many baby panda's!