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alusoare.com - Travel TIPS

I love sharing my experiences with other, here some of my trips with tips, tricks, advice and pictures www.alusoare.com
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Booking Turtle tours in Tortuguero, Costa Rica http://www.goo.gl/9otNI7

Costa Rica

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Fairy-atel castle in Bavaria http://www.alusoare.com/germany/on-the-steps-of-ludwig-ii-bavaria


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Best way to experience Cuba in 2 weeks


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When you realize that your memory box is getting too big.....start getting yourself organised and put together a scrapbook :)
Packing tips, what gadgets never to leave at home  http://goo.gl/ZWumWZ

Travel Tips

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See what to visit in Bucharest and why  http://goo.gl/oMHBO4


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La Rioja, Spain, pintxos  http://www.alusoare.com/spain/la-rioja-spain-land-of-extraordinary-wine-amazing-food


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Panama Canal  - alusoare
Panama to Costa Rica by night http://www.alusoare.com/panama/panama-to-costa-rica-by-night-bus
Isla Perro from the Islas San Bals, Panama


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I just posted “Peru” to Exposure


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ICELAND: Reykjavik for the day http://www.alusoare.com/iceland/reykjavik
ICELAND: Golden Circle  http://www.alusoare.com/iceland/golden-circle
ICELAND: Discover the South of Iceland http://www.alusoare.com/iceland/south-of-iceland


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Eastern Europe

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BOLIVIA: All you need to know about staying on Isla del Sol, Titicaca, Bolivia http://www.alusoare.com/bolivia/lake-titicacalittle-piece-of-heaven

South America

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COSTA RICA: What to do in Monteverde, Costa Rica? http://www.alusoare.com/costa-rica/what-to-do-in-monteverde
all you need to know on how to reach Monteverde from Arenal, Costa Rica http://goo.gl/3GgGyC
Hiking is one of my favorite activities but it is always good to prepare a bit before the hike itself. check out under http://goo.gl/rwbZmJ more details

Central America

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Check it out: http://www.alusoare.com/ireland/why-i-go-every-year-to-ireland


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Panama Canal  - alusoare Panama Canal, Sci