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Cinnamon Apple Kombucha | For each 12 or 16 ounce bottle:  1 Tbsp. fruit juice, OR 1 Tbsp. chopped dried fruit, OR 2 Tbsp. chopped fresh fruit – AND/OR 1-2 tsp. spice or herbs
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Just when I thought I’d found my favorite new flavor of kombucha with last months flavor (Orange Hibiscus Ginger), I tried this new combo and am now newly in love all over again. That’s the fun part about making your […]

apple-cinnamon kombucha recipe - like a sparkling apple cider
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Reminiscent of sparkling apple cider, this apple-cinnamon kombucha will be your new favorite fall beverage. Tangy, slightly sweet, spicy, and bubbly, this flavored kombucha is worth the wait. Using…

Fermented garlic - another yummy fermented recipe. #fermented #foods #probiotic #garlic
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Fermented Garlic & Hummus - Cultured Food Life

This is a recipe for fermented garlic and hummus. Garlic is super easy to ferment and makes delicious hummus.

DIY Cherry Chia Kombucha- I need to do this- drink of my life right here
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Strawberry Banana Kombucha Smoothie ~ A Vitamix Recipe | WholeLifestyleNutrition.com
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Strawberry Banana Kombucha Smoothie ~ A Vitamix Recipe - Whole Lifestyle Nutrition

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5 minutes

This delicious and refreshing strawberry banana kombucha smoothie is a great smoothie treat with the benefits of kombucha.

Our Favorite Kombucha Recipes {So Far}
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Our Favorite Kombucha Recipes {So Far}

Last month I shared about brewing (or culturing) our own kombucha. {Yum} It prompted a lot of questions about kombucha. It also prompted some in real life taste-tasting in our home. And I learned something... Lots of people do not flavor their kombucha in a second fermentation. I know. I couldn't believe it either! That's when the kombucha starts to get really good! So I decided to share our kombucha recipes for our favorite flavors. At least our favorites so far. I'm sure there will be lots…

I was able to pick up a large quantity of garlic at my local farmer's market a couple of weeks ago. I bought enough to fill up a quart sized container – so ...

Preserving the Garlic Harvest - Homemade Mommy

I was able to pick up a large quantity of garlic at my local farmer's market a couple of weeks ago. I bought enough to fill up a quart sized container – so ...

Kombucha Fruit Gummies. Gut-healing gelatin, probiotic kombucha, vitamins and minerals. Healthy snacks for kids and adults alike! #kombucha #healthygummies

Kid Favorite: Kombucha Fruit Gummies

I love to make gummies for my kids because, let's be honest here, they will eat anything that looks like candy! We drink a ton of kombucha and I always

Lemon Basil Kombucha

Lemon Basil Kombucha

The following post was written by Betsy Haley, a member of POPSUGAR Select Food, whose delicious recipes can be found on BetsyLife. When the weather heats up,

Not your typical Kombucha recipes
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Kombucha (Part 3 of 3): Recipes and Basics

Now that you have some background and know the tools you need on hand here’s the basic recipe for a 1-gallon batch of kombucha. All the...

I'm in love with this recipe. Mostly because it tastes similar to pie, but  also because my kids REALLY liked it. I even gave a slice to the chickens!  My two year old will eat anything fermented but my four year old is a  little more... selective? He's happy to eat any fermented fruit and most  fermented veggies, but there are some combinations I have made that he  always avoids (pineapple & jalapeno). I can always count on him enjoying  this recipe and even asking for more!  What are the…
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Probiotic-Rich Fermented Cinnamon Apples

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10 minutes

These Probiotic-Rich Fermented Cinnamon Apples taste like apple pie but they are so healthy! This is the perfect recipe for those who are interested in fermented foods because the recipe is simple and the flavor is great.

Pumpkin Spice Kombucha. Perfect for fall.
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The warming flavors of cinnamon, cloves, and ginger are what we all love about pumpkin pie spice. Luckily those spices are fine to use during a second fermentation for kombucha. This recipe combine…

Donna’s Dill Pickles

Donna's Dill Pickles - Cultured Food Life

If you have ever had Bubbies Pickles, then you will like these pickles. You can even use these ingredients to make Dilly Green Beans. Fermented pickles have billions of probiotics and I have a pickle almost everyday. It only takes three days to make them and they will last up to nine months in your fridge. Give them a try!

Cultured Foods for Babies
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Cultured Foods For Babies

Learn about cultured foods that can be good options for babies who are eating solid foods.

Blueberry Basil Kombucha Recipe | Paleo inspired, real food
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