lovely shade of blue..

Cottage Charm & Colors - Aqua Blue, Turquoise - flowers and butterfly


Who first started sending little love hearts? Hearts full of colour.very pretty.


Rainbow arches, Fountains Abbey, North Yorkshire // play with diff lighting effects for color change

Front door? @Bonnie Gosse

The tooth fairy will get to you more quickly if she has access to a Magical Mini Tooth Fairy Door. Ideas for the tooth fairy are always special and add some magic and fun into a child's life. Make cool crafts for kids like this for the fairy.


You might already be familiar with my tastes in art and one of them is fractals. Not all of these are fractals but they are unusual. The colors and the composition is top notch.

Terrence Osborne

From Nothing

It would be cool to do some kind of big family tree art installation with colors and different ways to people to contribute. Maybe we could use colorful pieces of felt, as felt sticks to felt pretty well.