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Hockey Widows UNITE!!

Life as a hockey wife can be a learning experience!

Hockey Widows UNITE!!

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Well, that glory was certainly short-lived. Pretty sketchy stuff there Drew

It's not over till it's over, but it's still pretty much over isn't it?

This LA Bandwagon is getting a little full!


At this point it's not even instructive to talk about who's better, you just have to start thinking who's got more left in the psychological tank.

Did anybody out there think this wasn't going to be a series to remember! No love lost, and no quarter given!

Is there anybody who pays attention to the World's when the Playoffs are going down? Oiler Fans?

After a year of Shanahannigans, is the NHL any safer?

NY vs LA for the Stanley Cup Final, The NHL foams at the mouth!

Could this be the next Stanley Cup Winner? Ughhhhhh.

Martin, would you just win the cup already and retire? Honestly, I thought you were done five years ago! What a champ

Is John Tortorella the biggest dough head in the NHL, or is he a genius?

Will Jonathan Quick be fast enough to beat out the hungry Coyotes? No! Shane Doan deserves his cup dammit!

Jonathan Quick 2011-2012 LA Kings Mask

Dale Hunter is throwing the New NHL on it's head! The Bloody Trap is going to be the death of the Rangers!

Which team are you rooting for?

The Vezina Trophey, given to the most outstanding Goalie in the NHL every year. Gets my vote for the prettiest trophy in the game!

Now that's a Jersey! Retro baby! The only Vancouver Champions ever!

The only hockey town to make Octopus look civilized

Hockey's greatest heros, and it's perfect split conscience.

Evil Genius or just evil? Let's ask Glendale!

Edmonton Picks First.... AGAIN!!! Will one more superstar be enough to pull the once mighty Oilers out of the gutter?

Tales of a Playoff Widow - Tokii Lab

Love him or Hate him, Scott Hartnell has the manliest playoff beard in the universe.

He Shoots He Scores!

He's one of the Greatest, but tonight could be his last game!

Did anybody else see Alfie Lose his mind last night? That's fire you don't see at a Heavy Metal concert!