Bitchasaurus, but worse.

This is so true! I always thought it was funny that the people who say they hate drama. R always the in it.

This one is a little closer to the way that I place the ball - Correct Golf Ball Position | Free Online Golf Tips

Complete Guide to The Perfect Golf Setup – Part 4 Part 4 of 7 Previous Next In part 4 of this Perfect Golf Setup Guide, we’ll look at the correct golf ball position for each club……

Football - This is definitely my husband when Green Bay is playing!

Dearest Neighbors, Please do NOT call the police, it’s not domestic violence or a wild party. It’s football season, that’s just me screaming at my TV.

Bad Day Of Golf Digital Art by Mark Brown

Bad Day Of Golf Digital Art by Mark Brown - Bad Day Of Golf Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale Golf sign, golf saying, golf and life quote

Lynda I'm in a golf tournament:) Life is good and things all things are getting better. Right now it's just so hard, my heart is heavy. Miss you.... LYP

1 funny golf signs, it takes a lot of balls to golf like I do - Dump A Day

New Orleans Saints - Drew Brees

New Orleans Saints - Drew Brees

OHhhh is the glass half empty or half a fool....It has come to my attention that the only people that pin this pin from my board are NOT FRIENDLY entities   therefore I am now have no choice anymore when it comes to driving off THIS GREEN....

You are 150 yards from center of green. You are 175 yards away from a 200 dollar glass window. choose your club carefully!