Master bathroom! Little bathtub pictures from when you were little! I love it!

Put on the bathroom doors for the wedding reception! Baby bathtub pictures from when you were little!

The Pin Junkie: Bathroom Storage. This is very pretty and so functional!

Bathroom Storage

Go vertical with your bathroom storage using a tiered plate stand. Via The Pin Junkie: Bathroom Storage guest bath idea

Funny Pictures – 51 Pics

We had to take "his seat" out of our van so we could fit a dresser in the back. He has been sitting like this, waiting to go for a ride for the past 15 minutes. - How sweet!

Mini dachshund asleep in mom's purse. Boy, would this make the work day better.

Doesn't every purse need a best friend in it? Asleep in mom's purse Mini Doxie.


"Friend gave her dog an empty peanut butter jar last night and he shared it with his stuffed puppy" This is so sweet that my heart just exploded!

Now where did that squirrel go?

My last doxie climbed a palm tree after a squirrel! Just waiting to welcome home the squirrel, that's all.