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I CAN statements

Teacher Timesavers: "I Can" Posters {with visuals}

This product consists of 71 posters for the Common Core English/Language Arts. Each page has a green border and contains an

For Kindergarten: If your district wants you to post the CCGPS and Essential Questions, this product is for you! Included:*I CAN Statements with Standard code (i...

Kid-Friendly "I Can" Statement Posters for ALL Kindergarten Math Common Core Standards - complete sets with blue border, green border, frog theme, apples theme, OR monkey theme

This packet has posters to display “I Can” statements for the Math Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten. The “I Can” Statements are written in kid-friendly language, while still maintaining the rigor of the standard. The cards are illustrated to help students understand each standard. They are also color-coded by domain. The domain and standard are written in a small font on each poster to help you stay organized. 64 pages :) $

This document contains a calendar of minilessons, I-Can statements (objectives) for units 1-3 of Reader's Workshop. I can statements come directly ...

I can statements for Common Core! Amazing :) Want this asap. I think they have other grades other than K too.

Kid-friendly "I Can" statements for Kindergarten Common Core Math Standards - print and use as posters/daily goals, or send home to parents at the beginning of the year!

Great I can statements with an OWL theme for the reading literature common core statements. PDF allows you to print for poster display or project ...

This is one week's list of I Can statements for my kindergarten classroom. I copy this sheet onto the back of the Monday newsletter, so the parent...

Kindergarten Common Core Math Standards - kid-friendly "I Can" statements for each standard, posters can be hung in classroom or sent home for parents!

"I Can" statements aligned with Common Core Standards for Math and English Language Arts in Kindergarten.

color coordinated domain labels (e.g. geometry, measurement and data, etc.) Each statement also contains the standard in the lower right corner in small print for teacher

-Kindergarten Common Core Standards for Math and English/Language Arts-I can statements for each standard is included!...

Language Arts Common Core Standards- I Can Statements for Kindergarten $

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