Geodesic Dome cardboard house - Fun things to do with your kids on cold days! Lots of ideas in this post from Little Girl's Pearls!

Fun things to do with your kids when it’s cold outside

Pour l'espace enfants du salon Primevère Geodesic Dome cardboard house - Fun things to do with your kids on cold days!

Bucket list ❤ so far i got:

Bucket list ❤ so far i got: Alaska Arizona California Colorado Florida Georgia Illinois Kentucky Nevada New Jersey New York North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Washington West Virginia 29 to go!

bucket list

bucket list: Create a memory box and open it years later. it could be filled with all sorts of things from pictures to ticket stubs and candy wrappers.

what to do when your bored - Google Search

School Holidays have started; teachers all over the Australia are excited and parents are dreading hearing that annoying phrase “I’m bored!” Last week I shared an epic list of Thi…

Bucket list

Be an extra in a STAR WARS movie This is on my list of "Lilly Dreams," along with contributing something to Star Wars Insider one day Don't just dream it, be it!

Before I Die Bucket Lists

before I die my aunt did she said it takes 1 hour to go around the whole thing when she ws in London

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I should do this when I get a polaroid and visit every state in the USA.

bucket list - take a picture with every state sign in America. Or province sign in Canada

Cardboard maze. Link to site:

Cardboard maze, this would be great for a school fundraiser. Craft Project Ideas: 23 DIY Projects That Will Blow Your Kids’ Minds

It'll be nice to give a homeless person a gift just to remind them that they have hope ♥

Give a homeless person a Christmas present. On year I'm gonna work at a homeless shelter for Christmas and give every single person a gift!


Say Yes to Everything for a Day; i will try this tomorrow but i am hoping i dont get into anything bad lol

Who wouldn't want to do this. Look how cute

16 Animals Afflicted By Shyness

wheres the panda, peek-a-boo! omg so cute love him, I want a baby panda, THEY ARE SO CUTE!