Frida Kahlo I'd never seen this before. Assuming this is what the patti smith portrait is referencing

Frida Kahlo's head on Patti Smith's body. Photo of Patti Smith taken by Robert Mapplethorpe for the cover of her 1975 album Horses. - Me encanta esta foto - (se ve tan natural)


Another beautiful older woman! Love that hair! Age helps older women around the world to claim their rights and live healthy, dignified lives.

The sand at the core of our bones

Charlotte Bracegirdle, New York 1932 I love this! It's like a self portrait but she has no idea who she is and wishes to be Kahlo

// Pina Bausch

design-is-fine: Pina Bausch, Folkwang School, Photographer: unknown. "I loved to dance because I was scared to speak. When I was moving, I could feel.

Ann Hamilton

Anna Hamilton

Edwardians, or “Teddy Boys” as they became known, are an English youth subculture that created a distinctive style by wearing clothes inspired by the Edwardian period that the tailors of Savile Row attempted to reintroduce after world war two.