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XX and XY wall decals will bring delight as you watch your guests try to figure out which wall sticker is for ladies and which is for men! Stick these wall decals to your bathroom doors and let the fun commence!


* Make the wall for the non bearing wall finished in a whitewash. * White floor boards and stair case * Plywood on the ceiling - white wash also.

abandoned beauty

What a beautiful house! I'd love to take an old house and restore it some day. The thing above the door is beautiful

The Courtyard House / AR43 Architects

The Courtyard House / AR43 Architects

Pivot doors, how to make then affordable, glass and metal, all wood all steel. In Courtyard House / Architects.make pivot doors .

Indian Institute of Management. 1962-74. Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Louis Kahn.

Gallery of Light Matters: Louis Kahn and the Power of Shadow - 2

Indian Institute of Management./Light Matters: Louis Kahn and the Power of Shadow