Rebecca Porphírio

Rebecca Porphírio

Rio de Janeiro, RJ / Nerd, curiosa, social media staff, tradutora, otaku incorrigível e gaúcha de coração e alma!
Rebecca Porphírio
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Top 10 eletrônicos e gadgets mais macabros

10 rad USB flash drives that your friends will want to steal.This is sssooo AWESOME!

Quanto será que vale o seu tuíte ou a sua curtida no Facebook? E quando você dá um check-in no Foursquare, será que alguma empresa ganha dinheiro com isso? Veja o nosso infográfico e entenda!

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Sala de leitura mais linda... Dá pra ficar lendo aí o dia todo...

Not really my idea of a dream library.but for now its a pic of a library.but my dream house def has a library with a fire place and individ arched dark wood built in bookcases floor to ceiling cases and windows.

Chocolate for dessert, like it? :: Chocolate para sobremesa, que tal?

:: Chocolate para sobremesa, que tal?

By Monsieur Cabinet.

MISTEAKS Everyone makes mistakes that is how we learn. If we don't make a mistake then we aren't trying new things or taking any chances. Trying and failing is how we improve and learn.