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a stuffed animal dog is sitting on a black cloth covered surface with an object in it's mouth
SOLD – Mr. K
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a woman with pink hair sitting in a chair and looking at something on the table
Endless Art Inspiration: Mixed Media Journaling
Endless Inspiration with Mixed Media Journaling
Purse by Kecia Deveney
Purse by Kecia Deveney
a wooden doll sitting on top of a table next to a framed picture and other items
Spotlight: Kecia Deveney
The Altered Page: Spotlight: Kecia Deveney
an old metal box with pictures on it
kecia deveney
Home is Where the HeART Is: A Self-Paced Mixed Media E-Course
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an angel statue sitting on top of a table next to a wall covered in pictures
journal page Journal, Page, Art Journal
journal page
a child's drawing is shown in green and blue tones, with black lines on it
journal page
journal page
journal page
collage painting, Available Collage, Artsy, Work, Painting Inspiration, Jpg
collage painting, Available
an abstract painting with two people standing next to each other
painting- private collection/hangs in my home
an art piece made out of cardboard and paper with a woman's face painted on it
painting - Sold
an image of a painting with flowers and cats on it's side, in the middle
Painting - Family. private collection/hangs in my house