Life Skills for Kids

Ever wondered what your child needs to know at a certain age? Those are called Life Skills. Encourage your child in the skills they need for life!
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One quick tip that will ensure that your preschooler can dress themselves in clothes that actually match!

B is for Broccoli: Cook the Alphabet - Math, Literacy and Cooking activities for Kindergarten

Food Groups: Sorting Games and Word Search Puzzles to teach kids about Nutrition and Healthy Eating Habits

Find out some super important ways to encourage independence in kids --- thy need it! @alicanwrite

Get Kids to Listen FREE parenting tips webinar. Full of awesome information!

Is your super mom parenting holding your child back? Take this quick quiz to find out!

Learn how to teach cooking classes for kids from What's Cooking with Kids

What are some chores that you can do with your toddler or preschooler? Here's a list of ideas for things your child can do with you. Many of them can even be done independently by older preschoolers. |

Some great parenting tips that teach children how to be kind.

Is your super mom parenting holding your kids back? Learn how to help your child without rescuing them.

Teaching a child to dress themselves boost self-confidence and helps build independence. Here are some tips to help with the process.

Students will have a blast practicing elapsed time with these cooking related task cards and pancake recipe!

Do you have a depressed teen? Read this great tips from a therapist on how to help them.

Fig Jam is the star of my F-themed Cook the Alphabet curriculum bundle. This recipe uses readily available ingredients and is easy enough for kids to make.

Vegetarian Chili - easy recipe for kids to make

Cooking is a fun activity for kids in the classroom that also reinforces literacy skills. It reinforces language acquisition, phonemic awareness & more.

intelligence disobedience -- why & how to teach kids to thoughtfully say no to authority figures and friends

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Great book on how to parent your anxious toddler. Practical advice for all sorts of issues including sleep, eating, toileting and fears.

Cook the Alphabet: A to Z Growing Lesson Bundle. As this bundle grows, so will the price. Get in on it early for the biggest bargain. It will eventually have 26 lesson bundles: cooking, literacy and math!

The ultimate list of kid's books on worries by a child therapist.

How we apologize to our kids matters. This is a great parenting tip!

Do you pick up after your kids, or do everything for them—from putting clothes in the hamper to organizing toys? It may be time to stop. Giving kids chores and responsibilities has many benefits, both for parents and kids. Here are 7 reasons your kids need responsibilities.

Toddlers learn important developmental lessons through tantrums. Learn what they are and how you can help them learn those lessons fast!

Cook the Alphabet: H is for Herbs by What's Cooking with Kids - Includes two delicious recipes, plus language arts and math activities for Pre-K through 1st graders!