Now that's a lot of love (:

I You More than Pinning! OMG the perfect Valentine's card for my hubby! Of course it's true and he's going to get such a laugh out of it since he knows how much I ❤ pinning!


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You Are Hotter Than Sriracha! This would look great on a greeting card for an occasion like Valentine's Day.

Okay, the Rory and Amy one is just cruel. (*gross sobbing*)

Day # 2 of The “Doctor Who Valentine Invasion”. May your heart(s) be filled with love for those you care for the most on ‘Valentine’s Day’!


Better than love the Scandinavian Culture is being loved my a Viking! Lucky me ~Jared Andrew Schorr: I've Taken A Viking To You Valentine ~

funny valentine cards

Youre the iceberg to my titanic love funny titanic humor valentines day valentines day quotes funny valentines day quotes iceberg


20 Funny and Totally Awkward Valentine's Day Cards


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The Tudors Funny - Henry VIII Valentine. I'm tempted to pass this around to my fellow English History majors and see who laughs.

Parks and Rec Valentine's Day cards. Love.

These Valentines Can Get It: Official 'Parks & Rec' Cards For The Wingless Angel In Your Life