Amazing tattoo idea :O I love how her hair turns into tentacles and wraps around the ship.


Sexy girls with Curves. Curvy girls rock this world. Beautiful women with sexy curves. Hot girls with curves. Girls with curves are more sexy.

Yay! Pin-ups to choose from!

Cool vintage pin-up girl poses art poster.

David Uhl - Fine Art Master and Official Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Artist Gallery 2


Pin Up Girls - Art. — (via David Uhl: Pin Up and Cartoon Girls)

I'll never make a grilled cheese in a frying pan again :) #pinup #vintage #art #Rosie #food #lunch #sandwich

Art by Arthur Sarnoff. -LOL art funny cute female Awesome vintage cartoon nice retro girly Poster comics feminism pinup sandwich We can do it welding girls are better. - Board "Beauty-Women at Work".

beach pinup

Vintage San Diego Pinup - Pin-Up Girl Metal Sign 12 x 18 Inches

Amazing vintage motorcycle and lady photograph.

Amazing vintage motorcycle and lady photograph

Tattooed Woman From The 50s

I feel it would be really cool to pay homage to one of our tattooed foremothers, Betty Broadbent. She was unafraid to express her love for the art during a time when tattoos were an extreme taboo,.

I have scooters that need fixin

Jayne Mansfield, you doll, you.

Jayne Mansfield - Hollywood actor who died in car crash. Daughter is Mariska Hargitay.

Rockin' #Vintage Woman #OnAbbotKinney

I'm feeling candy striped on Abbot Kinney - Glass Stories

Vintage ladies surf

Pinup Swimsuit Photo shoot Ideas Winners of the Miss Pacific Beauty Pageant Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia. Inspiration for the beauty pageant in Of thee I sing (Oct

World Traveler Pinup Illustration by Al Brule, 1962. #pinup #vintage #art #travel #1960s

World Travel Pin up Illustration by Al Brule, 1962

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Los Angeles, 1949 - photo by Loomis Dean