A ceramic vase DIY idea using Lazertran paper and a photo (from Better Homes and Gardens).for Halloween?

Making a regular old computer printed picture sheet into a piece of art (IMAGE TRANSFER)

Wood photo transfer: Reversed print on regular paper using laser printer, gel medium, then mod podge after to protect it. Or try gloss gel medium?


Transfer laser printed anything onto fabric using paint thinner! Laser print words or pictures (reverse print remember!), lay on fabric with wood or cardboad if layers, hold down and apply paint thinner (lacquer thinner

paper plate stencils

paper plate stencils> pencil control- This idea is much easier for crayons or pencils. I think my girls will feel more confident about doing stenciling with the paper plates verses the small plastic stencils they have used in the past.

How to recycle a magazine

How to recycle a magazine to create art paper. From magazine page to paintable canvas. DIY art craft to create supplies.

Video Tutorial:   how to make paper stencils

Alma Stoller: Video Tutorial: how to make paper stencils with cereal boxes. Looks so easy.