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Fermenting/Probiotic foods/Supplements

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Raw Very Cherry Kefir Smoothie ~ A Recipe

The Art of Fermentation: An In-Depth Exploration of Essential Concepts and Processes from Around the World

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Commercial condiments are bad for you, and fermented things are good for you. So why not improve your health by killing two birds with one stone?

Kefir can be used just about anywhere that buttermilk, yoghurt or cream cheese may be used. Other great ways to use kefir are: In smoothies To tenderize meat instead of yoghurt Served with fruit In a cold soup In an ice cream recipe Poured over cereal Used instead of yoghurt to make In a healthy milkshake recipe As a leavening agent In place of buttermilk in baking As a starter for a sourdough recipe To make a herbed cream cheese, or a fruit-flavoured cream cheese

Strawberry Banana Kefir Smoothie

Need to order so I can start making homemade kefir--healthier and a great way to save on the grocery bill

Ok, I really want to start making my own kefir!

Water Kefir--our new "Soda"?

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