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'why are all the cartoon mothers dead?' - sarah boxer, 2014 [the atlantic article: 'the dead-mother plot is a classic of children’s fiction, but animated movies have supplied a new twist: the fun father has taken her place']

Why Are All the Cartoon Mothers Dead?

'nicolas winding refn, director of "drive": interview on the sound of young america' - jesse thorn, 2011

'film as film' - malcolm thorndike nicholson, 2014 [prospect magazine article; 'what's the point of movie criticism?' and why don't writers analyse films as films…?]

'the persisting vision: reading the language of cinema' - martin scorsese, 2013 [the ny review of books article]

'the highbrow populist: george plimpton on film' - leo braudy, 2013 [la review of books article about 'plimpton! starring george plimpton as himself', dir. tom bean & luke poling; documentary about 'a patrician new england WASP named george plimpton, who became the first editor of the paris review in 1953 and a dabbler in virtually everything - or at least everything with an audience']

'ray harryhausen: modern prometheus' - paul pensom, 2013 [creative review article paying tribute to special effects genius ray harryharryhausen; links to clips from 'jason & the argonauts', 'the beast from 20,000 fathoms', '20 million miles to earth', 'valley of the gwangi', 'sinbad', 'the story of king midas', & 'the story of rapunzel]

'sofia coppola: film by film - from mary corleone to chateau marmont, the director's career in her own words' - empire magazine, c.2010

a space odyssey: 2001 - dir. stanley kubrick; cinematography geoffrey unsworth, 1968 [from 'movies in color'; selected film stills + color palettes;]

esquire [russia] - april 2013

david lynch - carla fuentes [www.littleisdrawi...]

'ten great vampire movies' - mertyn conterio, 2012 [scene 360 article; film still from 'nosferatu: a symphony of horror' dir. by f.w. murnau, 1922]

'bonnie & clyde: hats as identity' - louise junker, 2011 [clothes on film article]

'behind the scenes: angels the costumiers' - chris laverty, 2012 [costume on film article]

'brave: costume in animation - interview with claudia chung' - chris laverty, 2012 [costume on film article]

'costume clues reveal all in the cabin in the woods' - chris laverty, 2012 [costume on film article; visible, invisible, & subtextual costume]

'martin/prada great gatsby collaboration: fashion as costume?' - chris laverty, 2013 [clothes on film article]

'of money & sex: fitzgerald, luhrmann, & clothing in the great gatsby' - dierdre clemente, 2013 [clothing on film article]

thin - dir. lauren greenfield, 2006 [the story of four women suffering from anorexia & bulimia in south florida; via youtube, 11 parts]

still from stalker [00:01:48,206 —> 00:01:51,164] - dir. andrei tarkovsky, 1979

'time-lapsed slugs & jellyfish dreamlands in kurtis hough's abstract short films' - kevin holmes, 2013 [link to series of films + article; surreal short films with cgi + time-lapse footage]

'life in film: rosemarie trockel' - frieze, issue 11, october 2007 [frieze magazine ongoing series 'life in film', which asks artists & filmmakers to list the movies that have influenced their practice]

Frieze Magazine | Archive | Life in Film: Rosemarie Trockel

'film, tv violence is an intensely sensitive subject for some' - rebecca keegan, 2013 [los angeles times article; 'increasingly gruesome fare ('hunger games,' 'walking dead') makes for trying times for viewers more profoundly affected by violent scenes than most'; link to 'the culture of violence' series of articles, photographs, opinions about violence & media]

'"django" untangled: the legend of the bad black man' - scott reynolds nelson, 2013 [the chronicle review article; 'quentin tarantino's django unchained leans on tropes of the bad black man that have long been part of the african-american memory of slavery & its aftermath']

the house from the exorcist - marc hagan-guirey [aka paper dandy], 2012 [horrorgami exhibition of 13 kirigami works at gallery one and a half, london; link to paper]

'stanley kubrick at the lacma' - simon jablonski, 2012 [exhibition review article/overview of selected film stills; exhibition at los angeles county museum of art, november 2012]