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le petit théatre de l'ébriété - florent ruppert & jérôme mulot [animated phenakistoscope;;]

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Gerardo Feldstein

gerardo feldstein [argentinian artist gerardo feldstein came to sculpture through painting. born in buenos aires, he studied electrical engineering for a few years, started to paint & today he is an artist in various fields. his sculptures are made of different materials, he uses wire, wood, textiles & other things to form his works]

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the happiness brewery - happiness factory x happiness is a beginning [florian, gille & tristan], c.2012-13 ['for a few months, in collaboration with the happiness factory, we have been developing a rather ambitious project. the idea is to synthetise past emotions into bottles, mixing alchemy, love & design [...] our ambition? recreate a catalogue of emotions, based on real stories, real persons, real moments';]

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11 Utterly Useless Things You'll Want To Own

dysfunctional luxury products: stiletto heel shoe - jeremy hutchinson collaboration with factory workers, 2011 ['11 utterly useless things you'll want to own' - huffington post review article of jeremy hutchinson, 2013; 'true luxury dispenses of function and slips into absurd, luxurious obsolescence'; link to series of designs/art pieces]

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'apex predator' shoes - fantich & young ['in their series apex predator (meaning a predator with no predator of its own), they imagine the world’s toughest animal, and attempt to dress it. they created a suit and two pairs of shoes using natural materials that the apex predator could have gathered from his prey. the suit is covered with human hair, with glass eyes & small bones for buttons. the artists created two pairs of shoes to match the suit: oxfords & high heels, both lined with…

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perpetual energy wasting machine - niklas roy, 2012 [site specific installation at WRO art center in wroclaw, poland; link to images, film, article + link to]

Perpetual Energy Wasting Machine

disease sculptures - noumeda carbone [link to series of images + noumeda carbone's website; 'the modern shift from pharmaceuticals as medical items to vanity products is especially striking']

Noumeda Carbone's Sculptures Made of Pills

bollocks - seb lester, 2012 ['i have decided there are two kinds of art i like, really clever art and really stupid art ... i may be wrong but i don't think anyone in history has ever been stupid enough to design a set of monumental roman capital letters and then commission a dignified & highly skilled craftsman to carve rude words into the finest Welsh slate using them'; link to short article + series of images + film of seb lester talking about his work]

Creative Review - Seb Lester's Arse, and other new works


Laurent Chéhère's Flying Houses

en feu [on fire] - laurent chéhère, 2012 [inspired by the 1956 short french children’s film le ballon rouge, or the red balloon, laurent chéhère’s part analog, part digital images of floating houses are at once a charming, imaginative take on paris, and also a wistful vision of dreams deferred']

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