This is awesome!! I want one!!!

This phone case changes everything…

Funny pictures about This phone case changes everything. Oh, and cool pics about This phone case changes everything. Also, This phone case changes everything.

I've gone behind a smallish waterfall. I would love to walk behind a big waterfall.

Bucket List

"Heavens Trail" A place in Ireland, where every two years on June 10 to the stars line up with this path. Actually just a nice pic of the Milky Way! And no the stars don't line up with the path!

What a beautiful way to photograph a journey!

Girlfriend Leads Man Around the World in Breathtaking Pics

Photograph journey together. Girlfriend leads boyfirend around the world in stunning photos.

Go paddle boarding in the Grand Canyon

A bucket list activity for sure! Grand Canyon: paddle boarding between the canyon walls.

Bucket List Pictures : theBERRY

Berries, you make me want to do ALL THE THINGS on your bucket lists! (34 photos)

Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland. Been to Skye, but not to the Fairy Pools - got to go back!

I've actually heard that psychologically this makes a huge difference in how things turn out for us. So I'm trying it by writing down the things I want most and specifically praying for the *enabling power* to do my part. It turns vague desires into concrete plans and goals.

TheMotivatedType on Etsy

"You're dream is to travel the world, right?" "Don't call it that.dream is such an unachievable sounding word.Don't call it a dream, call it a plan.

Concrete pipe as pool. How cool is that. Imagine a series of 3 or even 5 of them at different heights.

Backyard Ocean - Above Ground Pool Ideas Love this concept. In Australia, you could utilise the rainwater tank in the same format

Pont Des Neuf - Love Lock Bridge

Love-Locks Bridge, Paris, France: Couples that have found the loves of their lives take a lock, lock it on the fence & throw the key in the river. One of the most romantic things I've ever heard!

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