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Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. – Howard Thurman

Kïrsten Blake
Trés Taylor - Contemporary Artist // Trés left being a scientist at the age of 42 to become a self-taught artist //Image via Trés Taylor Contemporary Artists, Make You Smile, Left, Make It Yourself, Drawings, Painting, Color, Design, Painting Art

Trés Taylor - Chapter BE

When you see Trés Taylor’s paintings you see the colors, the design, the playfulness, the story, the thoughtfulness and the spirit of life. They have a way of drawing you in, and quite often, just making you smile. He talks about and creates his pieces with such a sense of ease that it would be […]

Michelle Welsch - Chapter BE Howard Thurman, World Need, What The World, Nepal, Home Projects, Leadership, Entrepreneur, Nyc, Motivation

Michelle Welsch - Chapter BE

Michelle Welsch is a social worker turned entrepreneur who quit her life in New York City and moved to Nepal to work on various projects that support leadership and educational opportunities within the country. What started as three-week volunteer trip evolved into her packing up her bags and moving there full time. She has […]

Chapter Be interviews author, artist and coach Cynthia Morris of Original Impulse. Howard Thurman, Creating A Business, What The World, Helping People, Coaching, Interview, Creativity, Author, Posts

Cynthia Morris - Chapter BE

Cynthia Morris is an author, illustrator, speaker and coach who I had the pleasure of hearing speak in Denver at Creative Mornings a few months ago. Her talk really resonated with me, and I loved that she created a business, Original Impulse, around the notion of helping people connect to their creative core. She […]

Michelle Roark - Chapter BE Howard Thurman, Chemical Engineering, What The World, Business Entrepreneur, Denver, Salons, Lab, Image, Lounges

Michelle Roark - Chapter BE

Michelle Roark is an Olympic freestyle skier turned business entrepreneur. Michelle joined the US Freestyle Ski Team at the age of sixteen and skied competitively for sixteen years! She overcame 7 knee surgeries and continued to compete even while she earned her degree in chemical engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. She is […]

Evan Skladany - Trés Correct Productions // When Evan was laid-off from his job at a marketing research company due to the 2008 crash, he decided to follow his life long dream of becoming a writer. This summer he will be releasing his first web series, "Donnie Holland." // Image via Evan Skladany #becool Howard Thurman, Becoming A Writer, What The World, He Day, Web Series, Teaching English, Holland, How To Become, Marketing

Evan Skladany - Chapter BE

Evan Skladany was working at a market research company when he was laid-off due to the economic crash in 2008. He had taught English in Boston and France, before his days in advertising and marketing, and he always wanted to be writer. His lay-off was the push that he needed to make it happen. […]

Bonnie Coberly - Chapter BE Moving To San Francisco, What The World, Washington, Husband, Running, Create, Business, Healthy, Image

Bonnie Coberly - Chapter BE

Bonnie Coberly is a certified health counselor and the founder of Healthy Bites, a company based in Washington, D.C. that plans your weekly menu and delivers the freshly prepared dishes right to your door. Bonnie’s degree is in journalism and marketing and worked in communications at non-profits before making the decision to follow her passion […]

Paul Laurie - Walking Tree Travel & Silver Spork Social // Paul discovered the power of travel at a young age and helped found @walkingtreetrav as a way to give a similar experience to students. In an effort to help adults find some adventure in their everyday lives, he started Silver Spork Social in Denver, CO - a secret supper club that changes every month. // Image via Chapter Be Howard Thurman, Supper Club, What The World, Denver, Effort, Students, Walking, Adventure, Learning

Paul Laurie - Chapter BE

The first time I met Paul Laurie he was running through a venue in a grey top-hat attending to the 100s of people who had shown up for his Silver Spork Social Bacchanal event last November. I later learned that it was the emergency venue, because the warehouse where it was supposed to be […]

Sasha McDowell - Epicycle // Sasha McDowell created Epicycle when she discovered the need for parents, like her, to find meaningful  and flexible work. She wanted to create a way for parents to be able to be challenged in their jobs, while still having ample time with their families. // Image via Sasha McDowell Flexible Working, World Need, What The World, Still Have, Flexibility, Families, How To Become, Parents, Challenges

Sasha McDowell - Chapter BE

Some people actively seek out their Chapter Be path, while others are pushed or fall into it. Sasha McDowell is part of the latter category. She worked in youth development for many years, and loved the jobs she held that were focused around program development and management. Yet, when she became a mother she found […]

Ali DeJohn - The Makerie // Ali worked in events and marketing and took a break from it to start a family. After her 2nd child, she was feeling disconnected from herself, so went on a creative retreat in NH. She wanted others to have the same positive creative experience, so she came back home to Boulder and started @theMakerie - a retreat where people could connect to their creative beings, as well. // Image via Chapter Be #themakerie Take A Break, Take That, Howard Thurman, Moving To Denver, World Need, What The World, Just Giving, Comebacks, Ali

Ali DeJohn - Chapter BE

A friend introduced me to the Makerie when I first moved to Denver, and I was instantly intrigued by the idea. I loved that this beautiful retreat was created with the sole intention of giving people the time and space to just be creative. I truly believe that everyone is creative, some just give more […]

Kim Nemeth - Woven // Kim left the world of non-profits to focus full time on her business of making handwoven wearables. // Image via Kim Nemeth #handmade College Of Wooster, Howard Thurman, What The World, To Focus, Non Profit, Hand Weaving, Business, How To Make, Handmade

Kim Nemeth - Chapter BE

When Kim Nemeth signed up to be an AmeriCorps member and move to Walla Walla, Washington after graduating from The College of Wooster she had no idea that it would eventually lead to her starting her own weaving business. Fast forward ten years later and she would make the leap to create Woven (by […]

Karen Clark Cole - Girls Can Do // Karen Clark Cole is the Founder of Girls Can Do and CEO of Blink UX. She created Girls Can Do to inspire a generation of "possibility thinkers." // Image via Mark Gsellman Karen Clark, Howard Thurman, Two's Company, What The World, Interview, Inspire, Girls, People, Image

Karen Clark Cole - Chapter BE

Karen Clark Cole is one of those people who you meet and wonder, “Has she found extra hours in the day?!” She’s someone who you want to shadow and figure out how she manages to run two companies and still have time for a personal life. Well, it is because she makes the time to […]

Joanna Waterfall - Chapter BE Howard Thurman, What The World, Freelance Graphic Design, Art Studios, Conference, Waterfall, Passion, Make It Yourself, Yellow

Joanna Waterfall - Chapter BE

Joanna Waterfall is an artist at heart. She started college as a studio art major and eventually changed to graphic design. Yet, when you meet her and witness what she is doing with The Yellow Conference it is clear that the artist is still alive and well. The Yellow Conference is “a gathering for […]

Chapter Be - M.F.E.O. // Aaron & Claire Van Holland met while working at a digital media company - they now own and operate M.F.E.O., a small, design-based business of locally crafted furniture, lighting and housewares made from reclaimed and sustainable materials. // Image via @wearemfeo #MFEO Howard Thurman, What The World, Digital Media, Claire, Holland, Social Media, Lighting, Business, Image

Aaron & Claire Van Holland - Chapter BE

Aaron and Claire Van Holland met while working together at MySpace. Yes, that MySpace – the social media platform that was all the rage before Facebook usurped it. Claire was recruited to work for MySpace from her job in Detroit, Michigan. In telling the story, Claire said that she almost had to cancel the […]

Ian Trask - Visual Artist // Ian Trask left working in a research lab as a scientist to become an artist in Brooklyn, NY. This month he presented his most ambitious work to date - Blister Pact. // Image via Ian Trask #iantrask #blisterpact #visualartist Research Lab, Brooklyn, Make It Yourself, Artist, Image, Artists

Ian Trask - Chapter BE

Ian Trask is a scientist turned artist who left his job working in a research lab in Salt Lake City to be an artist in Brooklyn, NY. He made the shift in 2007 and went from working with a colony of 400 mice to creating pieces of artwork with discarded manufactured goods. He worked […]

Erica Wheeler - Sense-of-Place Speaker, Educator & Advocate // Erica has created her own path in life which has allowed her to combine her skills as a singer/songwriter and her love for connection to place. "If you don't know where you are, you don't know who you are." -Wendell Berry // Image via Erica Wheeler Howard Thurman, Wendell Berry, Wildlife Biologist, Sense Of Place, Connection, Singer, Education, Image, Singers

Erica Wheeler - Chapter BE

Erica Wheeler is an award-winning songwriter and a sense-of-place speaker, educator and advocate. She went to school to become a wildlife biologist due to her love of nature and the desire to conserve and preserve it. After graduating she started to pursue her interest in music, as it was something that she was always […]

Kathy Lee - Modern Gingham Preserves // Kathy was a neuroscientist before creating and starting @modernginghampr - delicious jams and marmalades sourced from local trees! // Image via Chapter Be Howard Thurman, What The World, Preserves, Gingham, Trees, Make It Yourself, Create, Modern, Image

Kathy Lee - Chapter BE

Kathy Lee is the founder and owner of Modern Gingham Preserves in Denver, CO – a jam company that aims to use organic produce from local trees, gardens, and farms (hand-picked whenever possible). Kathy began jarring as an adult – learning from her British in-laws and while she lived in Canada with her husband and son. […]