Kristina Schmi
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Tara and Farin, remember that time we wanted to get the russian doll tattooed on all of us? Can it look like this? Baha

day of the dead russian_doll This is a tattoo idea, but I would love if was an actual doll you could buy, with the graduating sizes inside each with different sugar skull design!

Skull, Flowers, And Butterflies. I could do without the spiderwebs though. Love this for a side tatt

Definitely one of the better sugar skull tats I've seen. Nice to see a relatively accurate skull, and the flower detail is balanced well, Thinking of making this (a flower skull) part of my half sleeve idea :) but a bit smaller

Idea for Salem Tattoo, change it a little to make it more my own and have different flowers.

I want a skull in the tattoo to incorporate my love for Halloween and to symbolize my husband. Love the idea of having sugar skull details and flowers to feminize it.