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History, Humanities, and Art

History, Humanities, and Art

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Study of a Horse-Leonardo Da Vinci. c. 1490

File:Study of horse.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Vincent Van Gogh in Brussels, Belgium by Victor Morin, 1886

Donatello was a famous artist and sculpture during the renaissance period. He sculpted five statues for Brunelleschi's Duomo.

Donatello Biography -

Fillipo Brunelleschi was not only skilled in art but many things. He has influenced the history of art vastly because he came up with linear perspective which made the paintings in their time a lot more realistic and in the modern world we also use this technique. True Renaissance man!

pmuehlstaedt | Renaissance Architecture | Page 2

Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Bruna Brunelleschi

Bruna Brunelleschi

Night Scene, Peter Paul Rubens. Flemish Baroque Era Painter (1577-1640)

a man with a past

Rembrandt - amazing detail

L'Adoration de l'Agneau mystique - 1432 Van Eyck. Saint-Jean-Baptiste.

L'Agneau mystique — Wikipédia

Rembrandt detail


Caravaggio," David with the Head of Goliath" c.1607 Painted to secure his freedom, the Head of Goliath is believed to be the portrait of Caravaggio himself !

Botticelli The Birth of Venus

Italian Cultural Institute of New York

Botticelli. He says everything with her eyes!!- Not to mention the rest of her!!

China, Terracotta Warriors

Terracotta Warriors,China: - holidayspots4u

Greek set of armour: a Corinthian helmet, 7th century B.C., a muscle armour breastplate, 5th century B.C. and a pair of greaves, 5th century B.C.

Portland Vase, 1st century A.D. Roman Glass, Pompeii, British Museum, inspiration for modern cameo glass

oldest map of the world ...

The oldest footprint ever found, Kenya, one million five hundred thousand years old!

art history timeline

Ancient Greek Bracelet

the golden rectangle. awesome.

Solid gold lion beaker (wine cup) excavated from the royal graves at Mycenae, Greece - National Museum, Athens


Sumerian Star Chart. Sky Map of Ancient Nineveh. c.3300 BCE. Reproduction of a Sumerian star map or “planisphere” recovered in the late 19th century from the 650 BCE underground library of Ashurbanipal. Long thought to be an Assyrian tablet, computer analysis has matched it with the sky above Mesopotamia in 3300BC and proves it to be more ancient Sumerian origin. The tablet is an “Astrolabe”, the earliest known astronomical instrument.

Claude Monet's home, Giverny....