Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers

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American dog animals country flag america dog- I love Labs!!!

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Happy Flag Day!

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Flag dog

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#Patriotic #Labs

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5 Toxic Foods to Avoid Feeding Pets this Memorial Day

5 Toxic Foods to Avoid Feeding Pets


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Even the Frat Hound holds a position in the house. "Sorority Relations". TFM.

Even the Frat Hound holds a position in the house.…

Chocolate and black lab puppies

Labrador Retriever Community - Community - Google+

Yellow Lab Puppy

Neegzistuoja -


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Lab baby

Sierra puppies 21 by ManicMechE on deviantART

Such beautiful dogs!!!!

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Cute lab

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Dogs driving cars - Animal pic

for a little mystery.

Labrador Retriever

Dexter the Labrador Retriever

comforting her sister during a sweet!!

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When you plant a labrador sapling, make sure your planter can accomodate a full sized lab. :-)

13 Sleeping Dogs That Will Make You Chuckle

little snowy nose

Polly the Labrador Retriever

Helping decorate!

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so cute!!

I'm His Kinda Crazy

Field Trip!

Going On A Field Trip! | Cutest Paw

holy moly he is cute!

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  • Linda

    Think I should get this little guy for my grandsons.

  • Gayatri Chauhan
    Gayatri Chauhan


That's self control!

Labrador Retriever Photos Pictures Labrador Retrievers - Page 32
  • Vivien DeSilva
    Vivien DeSilva

    Handsome boy

  • Misti Holst
    Misti Holst

    My Zoey would have a big puddle on the floor. LOL

  • [[Anya]]

    my dog would freak I always try this it never works

  • María J. Sesma
    María J. Sesma

    My dearest black lab/irish setter mixed does it!!! ... but his water is like a waterfall until the moment I say: GO!!! Lol!!!

  • Gayatri Chauhan
    Gayatri Chauhan

    Forget the drool factor! Dogs with self control are champs!

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Foto's | Oldambster Labrador Heem

Foto's | Oldambster Labrador Heem
  • Sheri Fleming
    Sheri Fleming

    Ahhh! Precious!!

  • Kathy Grande
    Kathy Grande

    Oh, how sweet!

  • Gayatri Chauhan
    Gayatri Chauhan


Silver labs :)

Stoneyfield Silver Labradors-Prior Litters
  • Sara Doty
    Sara Doty

    I love my Silver Lab. Such a sweet baby and so pretty

  • Angie Clute
    Angie Clute

    This would be a nice addition to our family

  • Martine La Chipie
    Martine La Chipie

    ils sont trop beaux !!!! mais malheureusement interdit et non reconnu je pense que les clubs de Retrievers ne vont pas lachés l'affaire....:(

  • Gayatri Chauhan
    Gayatri Chauhan