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Jayne | Firefly

Captain Castle by TenthCrewMember.

Malcolm Reynolds at his best.

Firefly Drinking Game

You Can't Take the Sky from Me

Jayne Hobbs


Hunting down FOX execs For cancellin' Firefly

This is SO true.!! This is one of my favorite lines of the entire movie. Good ole' classic Disney humor :))

Because only Whovian-Browncoats understand the uncertainty when someone says "companion."

Pretty sure this is the first time one of these has actually blown my mind.

My Patronus is an Ewok!!!!!!!!!!

Gina Torres = Zoe Washburne - Wash (brb ugly cryin) + a smile that will literally burn your retinas. | 17 Actors Who Are Basically Their Characters IRL

Firefly drinking game.

Firefly - oh the feels!

The World's End

Kat Dennings

Firefly Hockey Jersey!! (Go Browncoats?)


hahahaha love tim gunn

Sheldon Cooper


"Rather than playing out every little romance in its infancy the way shows usually do, I thought it would be nice to show a happily married couple, who would have their fights and their troubles, but would stay married. That was actually one of the sticking points when I sold the show. The last thing that Fox said was, “We will pick up the show, but they can’t be married.” And I said, “Then don’t pick up the show, because in my show, these people are married. And it’s important to the show.” -JW

Dreaming of a Quiet Winter

The most under-appreciated joke of all time