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This recipe went totally viral a while ago and it's no wonder - it's smells wonderful and so silky smooth - my kids' absolute favorite!

Modern Parents Messy Kids

Best Homemade Playdough Ever: Jello Playdough - Modern Parents Messy Kids


Play dough with googly eyes! Great for children that need to develop their fine motor skills. Hide the eyes in the dough for the children to find. Also a sensory activity!

Mama Smiles

Halloween crafts - Mama Smiles - Joyful Parenting


Snipping fresh herbs into uncoloured play dough

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Kelly Kyle

Free and EASY Parent Thank You Can be used for conferences, open house, parent meeting, etc. Attach a mint as a quick, easy, and cheap way to show appreciation for parents. Reads "THANK YOU for your involve-mint and commit-mint to your child's education. Here's a little something for your enjoy-mint!"

Free and EASY Parent Thank You


Watermelon Seed Counting - Cute and simple summer counting activity! FREE watermelon template. #preschool #efl #education (repinned by Super Simple Songs)

From ABCs to ACTs

Watermelon Seed Counting - From ABCs to ACTs


Free Printable Fine Motor Activity for Kids to play along with I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. Printable available on Lalymom.com - cute milk lids game!


I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly Fine Motor Activity


Wacky Sacks (filled with Playdough!!)

Somewhat Simple

Wacky Sacks


Tripod grasp activity for preschoolers and toddlers. So much learning with this cheap and easy activity~ colors, sorting, patterns, counting... {Sugar Aunts}


Sugar Aunts: Fine Motor Color Sorting Activity for Kids


Sorting. Counting. Literacy. Numeracy. Phonics. Teaching. Classroom. Resources. EYFS. Early Years. Reception. Children. Learning.

The Imagination Tree

Sort and Count Maths Bottles - The Imagination Tree


Fine motor using locks and keys.

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Fine motor activity

Stomping in the Mud: Month End Snapshots - November 2013


What a cute fine motor activity! ;)

childcareland blog: Playdough and Pony Bead Christmas Trees


Q-Tip Fine Motor Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Fantastic Fun & Learning

Fine Motor Activity with Q-Tips


fine motor

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Toddler Fine Motor Play with Pompoms, Tweezers, and a Mirror ~ BuggyandBuddy.com

Buggy and Buddy
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Toddler threading beads fine motor activity

The Imagination Tree
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use popsicle sticks for base of twig snowflakes! Popsicle sticks turned snowflakes!

Giant craft stick snowflakes - Crafty Nest


good idea for making containers/candle holders look more homey.

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Happy Birthday Hippo Rap

Happy Birthday Hippo Rap


pool noodle bath pit

Fun Math Activities


Would love to modify this for a sensory bin... fine something fuzzy, hard, rough, smooth, etc.

The Taylor House
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Bashing Baked Cotton Balls: mix flour and water in equal parts with food coloring, dip cotton balls to coat and place on a baking sheet lined with baking paper or aluminum foil; bake at 300 F for 45 min.

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Use a funnel to fill sets of balloons with items of varying textures: rice, flour, sugar, lentils, seeds, beans, etc; Use tactile discrimination to find the matches.

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